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BUSI407 Syllabus - 'the University of North Carolina at...

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'the U ni versi ty of North Carolina at Chapel Hill BUS) 407- FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Sprin g 2 012 Syllabus C. J. Skender Ot!l\'t'lntlou nml Objcctins: In this course, students will acq~ the tools to 1md~1'lltl\nd and t111t1lyze infom1ntion presented in corporate financ1al statements. Plmmuinl rc~ulls nnd projected results nre utilized in virtually every segment of the buslnrs~ wlll'ld. This list includes appraising profit performance, valuing securities, dcci11ine. if in\'cslcd usscls have been employed properly, granting credit, profit planning nnd l'\'nhmling nHmngerinl ciTcctiveness. Knowledge of financial statement analysis is nl.'!cc:istll'y fl•r lnanngers. investors, bankers, financial analysts and professional 1\cllil\llllnnts. The objectives for this course include identifying and examining critically lht' C\11\l.)et\\:; :md methodologies utilized in financial statements and providing instruction on the impao.:tthese methodologies have on the reports used by managers and investors. i he \)\11'1-cnl ei\Vii'OIIment of corporate financial reporting is in a period of significant chnn~t'. r\ number of uccounting standards have changed recently and others are being rtviowcd \~11· dmngc. The study of fmuncial statements even a year ago is significantly dinci'Cnt than the upproach needed today. On U1e horizon is the globalization of
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2012 for the course BUSI 407 taught by Professor Bowen during the Spring '11 term at UNC.

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BUSI407 Syllabus - 'the University of North Carolina at...

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