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Groups - Project2

Groups - Project2 - Last Name Allen Lewis Black Lobo Blair...

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408 Section 1 - MW 2:00p Last Name First Name Email Group Allen David [email protected] 1 Lewis Andrew [email protected] 1 Black Izzy [email protected] 2 Lobo David [email protected] 2 Blair Alex [email protected] 3 Mcdonald Kieran [email protected] 3 Boland Rob [email protected] 4 Mcdonald Kristen [email protected] 4 Bolick Ryan [email protected] 5 Mclaughlin Jj [email protected] 5 Bukovac Eric [email protected] 6 Meza Priscila [email protected] 6 Cardeau Lorelei [email protected] 7 Murphy Laura [email protected] 7 Carr Emily [email protected] 8 Neely Jared [email protected] 8 Casscells-Hamby Stephen [email protected] 9 Neville Kacie [email protected] 9 Caton Kyle [email protected] 10 Oddo Sarah [email protected] 10 Chester Kaylan [email protected] 11 Palumbo Eric [email protected] 11 Chieng Sam [email protected] 12 Park Chan [email protected] 12 Ching Helen [email protected] 13 Patel Aakosh [email protected] 13 Collins Stephen [email protected] 14 Powell Anna [email protected] 14 Cox Davis [email protected] 15 Pruitt Justin [email protected] 15 Dean Morgan [email protected] 16 Roache Jessica [email protected] 16 Dorer Dexter [email protected] 17 Roer Phoebe [email protected] 17 Dunlevie Scott [email protected] 18 Rossello Jorge [email protected] 18 Evans Morgan [email protected] 19 Sarnoff Zach [email protected] 19 Fagan Carolyn [email protected] 20 Savell Quinni [email protected] 20 Filip Jake [email protected] 22 Shrimanker Amee [email protected] 22 Gisel Will [email protected] 23 Sims Liz [email protected] 23 Glass Adam [email protected] 24 Timmons Clay [email protected] 24 Schapira Ben [email protected] 25 Volatile Ryan 25 Henderson Kaneesha [email protected] 26 Vienne Sixtine [email protected] 26 Henley Mitchell [email protected] 27 Watson Bailey [email protected]
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