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406 Competitor Analysis

406 Competitor Analysis - Competitor Analysis The key...

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Competitor Analysis The key competitors for Best Buy is Walmart. Market shares : Best Buy has a large share of the market of electronics sales. Walmart has a great share in everyday life goods, but not that much of electronics. Product features : Best Buy sells variety kinds of electronics, including high tech and low tech products. Walmart sells common electronics such as MP3 player and digital camera. Walmart is not as professional as Best Buy in terms of electronics sales. Financial resources : The current stock price reflects all the future dividends, thus the higher the price is, the more profit the company will earn in the future. The current stock price of Best Buy is 41.18, Walmart is55.58. The market capital of Best Buy is 17.21 billion, Walmart 211.48 billion. Though it seems that Walmart has more capital, it does not devote all it has to the electronic section. The current ratio reflects the liquidity of the company. Best Buy has a current ratio of 1.046 which is higher than Warlmart’s 0.87. Thus Best Buy is more flexible in its
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