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Should we pick a specific product such as TV or just talk about the electronic section in general? Is this a research intensive project? How many sources should we have? We got most of our information from our brain storming and articles online. Recommendation for improvement (Bonded are major recommendations. I’m not sure whether we should include the others.) - Back to school campaign - Revise return policy circuit city harms from it (Some customers returned products that are broken not due to the quality but customers’ careless. Best Buy suffers loss from this kind of returns.) - Online movie retails - Enter secondary market - Product line expansion (“Best Buy recently said it would expand its line of private label merchandise. Sales of Best Buy’s existing line of private label consumer electronics goods reportedly grew 40% during fiscal 2009, which ended February 28, 2009. As noted above, Best Buy improved revenues and profits during the fiscal year, although earnings and comparable store sales declined.”) -
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