BBY core characteristics

BBY core characteristics - Best Buy is a retailer for a...

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Unformatted text preview: Best Buy is a retailer for a wide range of technological goods of different brands, selling a variety of consumer electronics, home appliances, and associated accessories. Computers, software, hardware, video games, music, DVDs and Blu-ray dics, mobile phones, digital cameras, and car stereos are but a sample of the available offerings. A large share of their product portfolio is centered around entertainment purposes, with TVs, audio systems, games, and music; entertainment-related products are proportionally greater than other product areas such as home- office products and appliances. Best Buy also operates a growing amount of Best Buy Mobile stores in the US, in which customers are offered a wider range of cell phone selection, as well as a range of services comparable to phone carrier stores, “ including but not limited to a number transfer machine, warranty service on any phone, loaner phones, and the most popular carriers.” Best Buy also offers the services of the Geek Squad, a technical service crew attached to each...
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