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What is Best Buy's corporate vision? "People. Technology. And the pursuit of happiness." People: From "unleashing the power" of our own employees to maintaining a clear focus on our relationships with customers, vendors and shareholders alike, everything Best Buy does across the world begins and ends with people. Technology: the products we sell, the services we provide and the content we share all are tied, in some way, to the technologies that connect us and shape our changing world. The pursuit of happiness: Best Buy has a unique ability to make people happy. A great place to work makes employees happy. Happy employees make customers happy. Happy employees and customers make our shareholders, vendors and community partners happy. We're not perfect and we don't always get it right . .. and that's why it's important to acknowledge that we're in constant "pursuit" of happiness. What are Best Buy's corporate values? We have four values that guide our actions: Have fun while being the best. Learn from challenge and change. Show respect, humility and integrity. Unleash the power of our people. What is Best Buy's organizational structure? Best Buy operates within a multi-business unit structure designed to: maximize efficiencies across multiple business units and service areas; support new business initiatives; advance future digital strategies; and, enhance business unit performance. CORPORATE STRATEGY. BBY's business strategy centers on meeting individual consumer electronics needs with end-to- end solutions, which involves greater employee involvement and increased services. BBY is committed to scaling BBY customer-centricity across the organization, and completed the transition of all remaining stores to the customer-centric operating model in FY 08. In FY 10, BBY plans to open 40-50 new stores in the U.S., three Future Shop stores, four Best Buy Canada Stores, seven net new Five Star stores, one Best Buy China store, five Best Buy Mexico stores, and the company's first Best Buy Turkey store. CORPORATE OVERVIEW AND STRATEGY PART 2 CORPORATE OVERVIEW. This leading consumer electronics retailer operated, as of February 28, 2009, 1,023 Best Buy stores, 38 Best Buy Mobile stand-alone stores, 34 Pacific Sales showrooms, six Magnolia Audio Video stores, nine Best Buy Mobile stand-alone stores, and six Geek Squad stand-alone stores in the U.S. Following the acquisition of Carphone Warehouse in Europe in June 2008, BBY operated 897 Carphone Warehouse and 1,568 The Phone House Stores in Europe as of February 28, 2009. Other international operations include 58 Canada Best Buy stores, 139 Future Shop stores in Canada, 164 Five Star stores in China, five Best Buy China stores and one Best Buy Mexico store at the end of BBY's 2009 fiscal year.
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U.S. Best Buy stores average approximately 39,000 retail square feet, and offer products in six revenue categories: consumer electronics (36% of FY 09 (Feb.) revenues), home office (34%), entertainment software (17%), appliances (6%), services (7%),
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BEST BUY - What is Best Buy's corporate vision? "People....

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