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Best Buy Wal-Mart Strengths professional knowledge about technology and electronic Thoughtful customer service with well-trained employee Ability to benefit from brand effect good reputation in the area of electronic sales Wider selection Lower prices Global presence Power to negotiate prices (B2B) Attract low income consumers as well Successful supply chain management (don’t sell for loss); High efficiency- good inventory turnover Weaknesses Higher prices; Narrow products as a whole, basically it sells only electronics; Lack of legal intervention and protection of intellectual property ; Exclusion of important segments by micro marketing; Losses suffered in returns; Weak online presence. Low prices; Low quality of products;
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Unformatted text preview: Uniform stores that offers customer nothing special from the shopping environment; Customer service needs to be improved Hard to manage because of its huge size; Lack of brand selection since it only offers a few brands in terms of electronics; No trained employees to answer questions regarding the electronics; Opportunit y International expansion in technology; expansion of website. Develop better customer relationship; Lack of legal intervention = cheap knock offs Wal-Mart can sell; Emphasis on loyalty programs, co / partner branding; NETFLIX; Economic turndown. Threats Less product categories than Wal-Mart; Mass merchants; Regulation; Pressure from unions; Specialized retailers; Reputation...
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