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Anthony Petrillo Ms. Roberts Honors English II 14 October 2010 The Best Combat Sport There are two main combat sports that are widely played, airsoft and paintball. The better of the two by far is airsoft. Stubborn paintball players will make misinformed arguments to try to make airsoft seem boring and uncool, but airsoft is, in fact, much better than paintball for many reasons. They can call airsoft players babies since airsoft “is a stupid little kids’ game that doesn’t even hurt,” but they are not justified in making this statement. It is they that are the immature ones for making false assumptions that they cannot prove. The first reason that airsoft is a much better option for someone who is interested in playing a combat sport is simply that airsoft is much less expensive. The guns are about the same price, but repairs done on paintball guns are much more costly than on airsoft guns. Most airsoft players use AEGs, or automatic electric guns, but most paintball guns use carbon dioxide or compressed air to power them. Gas is another expense. The ammunition is also a big thing - you can buy 4000 high quality airsoft rounds for the
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Airsoftisbetterrevision1 - Anthony Petrillo Ms. Roberts...

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