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Anthony Petrillo Mrs. Goodman AP English 9 November 2011 The Color of Water is a memoir detailing James McBride’s relationship with his mother Ruth and James’s effort to find out more about her past. Ruth’s father, Fishel Shilsky, is an abusive and selfish man. He does not care about his family at all; he only cares about his own needs. Fishel is an orthodox Jewish Rabbi, but he does not exhibit any of the good moral values that one might expect from a religious leader. Ruth’s father is a villain who is significant in developing the theme that a lack of trust causes people to become secretive, withdraw, cultivate prejudices and also become independent and self- reliant. Fishel’s abuse is evident throughout the work, especially when Ruth narrates.
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Unformatted text preview: He sexually abuses Ruth during her childhood. He got in bed with her and “did sexual things” to her. At the beach, he would pretend to be teaching her how to swim, but he was really molesting Ruth. Ruth kept her father’s abuse a secret because she was deathly afraid of him. Eventually, after moving from synagogue to synagogue and losing his contract each time, Fishel realized that he couldn’t be successful as a Rabbi, so he opened a store. He forced Ruth and her siblings to work for hours at that store. They didn’t even get a break to do their homework; they had to do it between customers....
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