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Anthony Petrillo Thursday, September 9 th , 2010 World History 4 The author George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm , was published in 1945. There are many parallels between the events in the story and the events in the actual history of Russia. In the book, Farmer Jones abuses the animals, so the revolt and take over the farm. At first, the animals have a democracy, but eventually, the pigs take over. A pig named Napoleon is like a dictator. He has dogs that will attack anybody who rebels. The pigs eventually start acting like humans, and the farm goes back to the way it was when Farmer Jones owned it. The author, Alexei Bayer, says that the pigs becoming like humans is exactly like the Soviet Union becoming the Russian Federation. Even though there was no way for Orwell to know what Russia would be like after the fall of
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Unformatted text preview: communism when he wrote it, his book seems to accurately portray the Russia we know today. He says that Russia is more corrupt than ever. The Soviets banned Animal Farm , but the author says that today, it is available to everyone that wants it because they do not fear the people revolting. They are so powerful; they need not worry about it. I do see the parallels between the book, and Russia today. I do not believe that the Russian Federation is as bad as the Soviet Union; however, I do believe that the government needs reform. The people in power are not good leaders. You hear bad things about the Russian government all the time, even from the Russians themselves. An example of the government’s incompetence could be how they are handling the wildfire disaster....
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