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WHessay5_dumblaws - Russia are being made slaves She argues...

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Anthony Petrillo World History 4 September 26, 2010 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev passed a new law that limit’s the alcohol in a driver’s blood to be zero. This is impossible, as there is naturally small amounts of alcohol in our blood. Also, machines used to measure the alcohol in our blood are not entirely accurate. Russian police can now go around arresting pretty much whomever they want. This is not the only strange law that has been passed either. The author of the article, Yulia Latynina , thinks that these laws are ridiculous, and I agree. Latynina also tells us about another law that allows the Federal Security Service to “warn” people who they believe might be about to commit a crime. She says that this makes it easy for them to abuse their power. She also brings to our attention the fact that police already abuse their power and get away with it so much that it is like the people of
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Unformatted text preview: Russia are being made slaves. She argues that the new law allows money to be taken from drivers. It is compared to labor being stolen from African Americans in the United States in the 17 th century. I do not know why they would even make laws this ridiculous. I’m not sure if it “enslaves” the people of Russia, but these laws sure are unfair. You cannot require something physically impossible; it just makes no sense. The laws that allow the police to do whatever they want are also terrible. Laws like this would never be tolerated in most other countries, definitely not in the United States. These abusive law enforcement officers need to be held accountable for their actions. http://www.themoscowtimes.com/opinion/article/turning-drivers-into-slaves/416790.html...
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WHessay5_dumblaws - Russia are being made slaves She argues...

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