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Anthony Petrillo World History 4 27 October 2010 Fires? What Fires? The Russian government has made no effort to study the fires that happened this summer. The fires happened three months ago, and they still haven’t done anything. They don’t even know how many people the fires killed. The fires could also have had long- term heath effects on people - especially children and pregnant women. Nothing has been done to study these health effects and help the people who might have been hurt by the fires’ toxic smoke. We have not been told how much property was destroyed. Nobody even knows what the exact cause of the fires was. The author claims that the reason the fires did so much damage was that the government didn’t respond to them properly. They did not send any help. They left fighting the fires to local authorities who could not handle them. The local firefighters
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t even have good firefighting equipment. The Forest Code was part of the reason that the local authorities didn’t receive any help, but the code has not been revised. The author, Yulia Latynina, seems angry with the government. She tells us that Russia does not learn from its mistakes. Latynina tells us that other countries don’t have this problem, but she believes that Russia is not accountable. “Accountable governments analyze their mistakes to learn from them. Unaccountable governments bury the past with visions of the future,” she says. I agree. If you do not analyze your mistakes, you will end up making similar mistakes in the future. You cannot ignore a mistake; you have to learn from it....
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