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Anthony Petrillo World History 11 November 2010 Anti-Smoking Photos A new law will place graphic images on tobacco products sold in the United States. Examples of these pictures include corpses, cancer patients, and ill looking children and babies. The idea is to scare people with the images and hopefully stop them from smoking. Not all of the images are bad, though. There are also some more positive images including one of a woman who quit smoking. Smoking has been linked to thousands of deaths each year, and the FDA hopes that this will help to fix the problem. I personally do not support this new law. There are a few reasons that it doesn’t seem like a good idea. The first reason is that I’m sure it will hurt the already terrible economy because obviously, less people will be purchasing cigarettes and other tobacco
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Unformatted text preview: products. Not only will it hurt the cigarette companies, but since the government makes money by taxing tobacco products, it will hurt them too. The government needs the money. Our country is in debt trillions of dollars. I guess they will have to make up for the lost income by taxing other things, which we do not need to happen. The last reason is that I do not think that things like these should be interfered with by the government. If people want to do something stupid, let them. They hurt themselves the most. It helps the economy and generates income for the government, and discouraging tobacco products from being bought would do more harm than good. The author of this article does not show his/her bias. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11730112...
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