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Anthony Petrillo World History 4 18 January 2011 Somali Pirates Pirates took more hostages in 2010 than they had in any previous year. A total of 53 ships were hijacked, and eight people were killed. The number of attacks in 2010 equaled 455. This was one tenth more than last year. Most of the attacks were carried out by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Although foreign navies are helping to stop many of the attacks, the number of attacks is increasing. Somalia is in a state of anarchy, and there aren’t many employment opportunities. This is the biggest reason for the pirate problem. It is thought that piracy costs us about $12,000,000,000 each year. I personally think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. We are trying to cut down on piracy by patrolling the waters. I believe that if we are to stop the pirates, we need to strike on land. It would be difficult, but it would deal a blow to the pirates that
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Unformatted text preview: would be almost impossible to recover from. They can’t stay at sea forever. They need to come to land to resupply. We could cut off their supplies and get rid of their weapons. The military has been busy in the Middle East, but fairly recently, the troops started being pulled out. Now we can focus on other things, such as this. After we got rid of the pirates, we could begin aiding the people in Somalia, creating jobs, and possibly helping to set up some type of government. There would be a lot of resistance, but these acts of piracy cannot be allowed to continue. The author of this article seems to be very unbiased. In fact, I do not see a name anywhere in the article. It can be observed that the author does view piracy as a problem....
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