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WHessay14_fundamentalistrevolt - too far We have seen that...

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Anthony Petrillo World History 4 1 February 2011 Iron Curtain There is currently a sort of peaceful revolution going on in Egypt. Protesters demand that the president resign and leave the country. The author of the article is worried that a fundamentalist revolution in Egypt will cause other countries in the Middle East to revolt. This would mean that almost the entire Middle East would be controlled by Islamic extremists. The author, Yulia Latinina, is worried that this will create tensions similar to the tensions in the Cold War between communists and capitalists between Muslim and non-Muslim nations. She also predicts that it will cause tensions with the west because of cultural differences, and because of these tensions, terrorist activities may increase. Other concerns include oil becoming less available to the West.
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I think that the author has some legitimate concerns, but is a taking it a little bit
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Unformatted text preview: too far. We have seen that revolutions in one country may inspire people of another country to revolt. The protests in Egypt started soon after the people of Tunisia kicked out their leader. I also don’t think having Islamic extremists in charge is good. They base the entire countries laws on their religion instead of using reason to create a good government. They take away rights and hurt the economy. In some countries, women can be punished with prison time for simply showing too much of their hair. I can understand that it’s their culture, but the times are changing. People want more religious freedom, now. I don’t think that the whole Middle East will be ruled by fundamentalists in the near future, though.http://www.themoscowtimes.com/opinion/article/the-new-iron-curtain/430205.html...
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WHessay14_fundamentalistrevolt - too far We have seen that...

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