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list 5 vocabulary - Vocabulary: 6. ascribe (v.): to...

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Vocabulary List 5: Last List of the Fall Semester Reminder: The quiz will cover all 5 lists. Stems: 1. fort: strength a. forte (n.): an area in which a person excels b. fortitude (n.): strength in facing trials or challenges 2. mal: bad a. malfeasance (n.): a misdeed or wrongdoing, especially by an official b. malcontent (n.): a person who is displeased with the current conditions 3. vac: empty a. vacuous (adj.): lacking content; empty, especially intelligence 4. cogn/gnos: to know
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a. cognition (n.): the act or process of knowing b. prognosis (n.): to forecast or predict c. incognito (adj.): having one’s identity hidden, in disguise 5. capit/capt: head a. decapitate (v.): to cut off the head of someone or something b. capitulate (v.): to surrender or give in
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary: 6. ascribe (v.): to acknowledge the cause or source 7. beguile (v.): to influence with deception or charm 8. belie (v.): to be a misrepresentation or deceiving 9. conciliatory (adj.): compatible or tending to work for agreement 10. paradox (n.): a statement that seems to contradict itself, but which has truth to it 11. penitent (adj.): feeling sorry for having committed a sin 12. pious (adj.): showing reverence for that which is holy; following the rules of a religion strictly 13. quail (V!.): to shrink in fear 14. sect (n.): a religious group that falls outside traditional religious groups. 15. slovenly (adj.): untidy in appearance; sloppy...
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list 5 vocabulary - Vocabulary: 6. ascribe (v.): to...

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