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Paper Assignment for Cross Cultural Psychology (Spring 2012) Please interview a person who is outside of your culture. The paper should focus on providing a detailed history of the traditions, customs, and practices for this particular individual using the concepts written below. As you describe these concepts, make sure you are able to explore these ideas with the person you are interviewing and provide concrete examples that highlight these ideas. Please be sure to use these guidelines: Identify whether or not the individual’s culture is a traditional or nontraditional culture and provide specific information that supports your argument. The paper should also examine the concepts of power distance, uncertainty orientation, and collectivism/individualism paradigms.
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Unformatted text preview: When describing these concepts, please provide specific examples from the person you interview. The paper should also examine one other concept either motivation for behavior or the socialization process for that particular individual (chapters 7 or 8). Specifications The paper needs to be 5-7 pages long. Please do not exceed the 7 page limit. The font needs to be no larger than 12 point. Please use APA format and include a cover page. The paper needs to be turned in at the beginning of lecture (printed hard copy) on April 23 rd , 2012. Papers turned in after point will be considered late. Each day it is late, the paper will be deducted a whole letter grade....
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