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Midterm Exam with Answer Key

Midterm Exam with Answer Key - Name_Section ID A THET 110...

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Name: ______________________________________________________Section: ___________________ ID: A 1 THET 110 - Introduction to Theatre - Fall 2009 Midterm Exam October 19, 2009 1 . !"#$%# '()* $+, %-.+ /0# 1(""(2-+. 3+-4#5%-/* (1 6$5*"$+, 0(+(5 )"#,.#7 8(95 #:$; 2-"" +(/ <# .5$,#, 2-/0(9/ /0-% %-.+#, %/$/#;#+/7 "# $%&'(& )* +, -)*). /-0/ # -01& *)/ (21&* ). .&3&21&' 0*, 4*04/-).25&' 06626/0*3& )* /-26 0662(*+&*/7&80+2*0/2)*9: __________________________ signature Multiple Choice (2 points each) Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Circle the letter of the best answer. 1 . According to lecture, the four qualities that theatre must have are: a. Playwright, director, actor, designer b. Imitation, entertainment, intrigue, plot c. Climax, introduction, resolution, denouement d. Actor, audience, text, liveness 2 . “Theatre is ephemeral” means: a. An audience member can never see the exact same production twice b. Plays should only be performed once or they will lose their relevance c. Theatre appeals to one’s sense of beauty through sensual perception d. Theatre is an effective way of getting people to think about social problems 3 . During Shakespeare’s time, young male actors played female characters. This is an example of a: a. Theatrical Convention b. Aesthetic Distance c. Thematic Thrust d. Efficacious Belief 4 . According to the article on theatre etiquette, which of the following was NOT listed as a possible factor for the decline in audience behavior? a. Lower ticket prices b. The high price of tickets c. More out-of-town audience members d. Lax enforcement by ushers
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Name: ____________________________________________________Section:______________________ ID: A 2 5 . After the play opens, the main job of the stage manager is to: a. Call for “lines” b. Alter the director’s choices to appeal to new audiences c. “Call the show” to supervise the lights, sound, and stagehands d. Nothing. The stage manager leaves after the last rehearsal 6 . Why do we refer to the part of the stage farthest from the audience as “up stage?” a. In old theatres with a raked stage, an actor walking away from the audience would actually walk “uphill.” b. It makes more sense than saying “away-from-the-audience stage.” c. That’s where all the lights that hang up above the stage are stored. d. When the stage manager reads blueprints, the tall scenic elements usually appear up at the top of the page 7 . Which of the following is NOT a part of a proscenium theatre like the Kay Theatre? a. Fly loft b. Traps c. Wings d. Black Box 8 . The “thematic thrust” serves the same purpose as the: a. Design Rendering b. Imagined Circumstances c. Director’s Concept d. Three-Quarter Stage 9 . What are “given circumstances?” a. How much money a theatre company has in a yearly budget b. The facts the playwright provides about the world of the play c. The information that is provided in the theater’s marking campaign d. A cyclical plot, in which characters wind up where they began 1 0 . During final auditions, why might a director give crazy suggestions to an actor?
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Midterm Exam with Answer Key - Name_Section ID A THET 110...

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