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100Srqm12010 - GVPT 100S Review Questions Midterm 1 1 What...

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GVPT 100S Review Questions Midterm 1 September 29, 2010 1. What do you find unique about Socrates’ approach to being an ‘individual’; how does he define his role as ‘gadfly’, and how do you understand his defense before the citizens of Athens? 2. What does he say about the ‘laws’ in the Crito and how would you describe some of the implications of his argument? 3. What does Machiavelli tell us about action, appearances, morality, power, and violence? Do you agree with his conception that the ends justify the means? And how does Machiavelli position the Prince – as a moralist, an immoralist? 4. What does Mandragola tell us about the corruptibility of human nature? What is the status of ‘virtue’ in Mandragola? Do you think Machiavelli is too cynical about human nature? 5. How does Rousseau describe the arts and sciences? What do you believe are the purposes of his critique of the arts and sciences; how important does Rousseau believe virtue to be in understanding fundamental principles of political life?
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