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University of Maryland Department of History I SLAMIC C IVILIZATION HIST120 Fall 2010 Dr. Antoine Borrut ( ) Office: TLF 2120 Phone: 301-405-7448 Office hours: MW 10:30-11:30, or by appointment Lectures: MW, 9:00-9:50 Key 0102 Discussion sections: Wednesday: 12:00-12:50 TLF 1103 1:00-1:50 KEY 0117 Friday: 1:00-1:50 KEY 0103 2:00-2:50 KEY 0103 TA: Harrison Guthorn ( ) Office hours: Th 11:00-12:00, Key 3111 Course Description: This course offers a survey of Middle Eastern history from the rise of Islam in the 7 th century CE until the rise of Mongol successor polities in the 15 th century. The course is structured to cover political and cultural developments and their relationship with broader changes in society during the formative centuries of Islamic civilization. Specific topics include: the career of the Prophet Muhammad and the origins of the earliest Muslim polity; the creation and break-up of the Islamic unitary state (the Caliphate); the impact of Turkic migrations on the Middle East; social practices surrounding the transmission of learning in the Middle Ages; the diversity of approaches to Muslim piety and their social and political expression; non-Muslims in Islamic society. Among the more important themes will be long-term cultural and social continuities with the Islamic and ancient Near East, and concepts of religious and political authority. Course Objectives: Students will obtain a broad knowledge of the course of Middle Eastern history prior to 1500. Students will also gain a general appreciation of the diversity of social practices that fall under the term “Islamic civilization”. Finally, students will learn at least two fundamental skills of historical inquiry: the analysis of primary sources (in translation), and the evaluation and critique of secondary scholarship. Discussion Sections:
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Syllabus - University of Maryland Department of History...

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