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Unformatted text preview: ASTRONOMY 100: INTRODUCTION TO ASTRONOMY Spring 2011 Professor: Dr. Lee Mundy Office: CSS 0205 Phone: x51529 Office Hours: 1:00-2:00 Tues, 3:00-4:00 Wed, or by appointment Teaching Assistants: Brian Holler ( Kenneth Melville ( Thomas Shimizu ( Elliot Teichman ( Required Text: The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, and Voit 1 I n t r o d u c t i o n This course presents a broad introduction to the science of astronomy. It is intended for non-science majors. No part of the course requires more than a high school level science and math background. We hope that you find this course enjoyable and walk away with a bet- ter understanding of the universe that we live in. With that goal in mind, the course focuses on major concepts in astronomy and, where possible, ties those concepts into issues relevant to your life. For example, global warming, an important worldwide issue, is also central to understanding the differences between the environments of Venus, Mars, and Earth. At a more philosoph- ical level, understanding how our universe works and how planets, stars and galaxies are formed gives us a better perspective on our place in the universe and how special planet Earth is to our continued survival. This course will introduce you to ideas and issues that are central to many scientific disciplines. We will attempt to inform you and to make you think about the world and universe that we live in. Please take advantage of the opportunities this course offers. 2 C o u r s e S t r u c t u r e ASTR 100 consists of two main parts: two weekly lectures and one weekly discussion section. The lectures present material and provide a forum for general questions and discussion. The lectures are intended to parallel the text. Thus for better understanding of the lecture material, it is importanttext....
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