Patrick Deneen – Peak Oil

Patrick Deneen – Peak Oil - Patrick Deneen...

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Patrick Deneen – Peak Oil When gas prices up, milk prices up effects all industries Aristotle – all things aim at something What constitutes aim or end of human life? All things we do have a goal or an aim what is the goal or aim of human life? Answer acc to Aristotle: eudaimonia = good soul Self-realization To be good souled often translated as happiness, but better translated as flourishing – TELOS (look up) What would constitute human flourishing in the eyes of Aristotle? Arete virtues Courage Deficit: cowardice Excess: reckless Sensibility – appreciation for physical things in life Excess: hedonism (too much pleasure), gluttony Deficit: insensible – so few suffer from this deficiency Courage and sensibility are the means Very hard to achieve all of the virtues most of the time Need discipline, good judgment, good foundations (raised well) To achieve telos, John Locke – philosophical inspiration in American history Against Aristotle
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Patrick Deneen – Peak Oil - Patrick Deneen...

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