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Research Colloquia Spring 2011 Theme: Terrorism, Globalization and Violence: The Foundations of International Conflict D R . J AMES M. G LASS 1149 Tydings, 405-4119 Teaching Assistants JAVIERA ALARCON 1104 Centreville, 5-9304 CARMEN DEANNA 1104 Centreville, 5-9304 ASHLEY GORHAM 1104 Centreville, 5-9304 DARRAGH MCNALLY 1104 Centreville, 5-9304 O FFICE H OURS D R . G LASS J AVIERA C ARMEN D ARRAGH A SHLEY Monday --- --- --- --- --- Tuesday --- --- --- --- --- Wednesday --- --- --- --- --- Thursday --- --- --- --- --- Friday --- --- --- --- --- If these times are not t convenient for you, we will gladly m make an appointment I NTRODUCTION The international world is never stable; it is always moving and transforming, given the pressures of politics, religion, ethnicity, economics and political ideology. There is no fixed political point that indicates when or how change ends or that a society will maintain a stable equilibrium over time. Even the most advanced societies are subjected to enormous stress, and fight over public and private issues. Political alliances shift almost every moment; the forces of economics and politics are continually intertwined; globalization exercises a powerful political impact on local elites; and the threat of terrorism consistently looms in political cultures struggling to assimilate often contradictory and violent religions, political and social ideals. This semester we expect that you will familiarize yourself with issues that arise out of a selected set of readings directed to important concepts in international studies. Our second semester colloquium will introduce you to the process of research, such as how to use the resources available at McKeldin Library and how to give a presentation before your fellow students. Once we have completed this portion, we will then begin a systematic study of C OLLEGE P ARK S CHOLARS I NTERNATIONAL S TUDIES 118N -1-
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the assigned readings. Each student will be expected to make a short presentation to the class focusing on those issues in the readings that you think the class should discuss. Your final paper will be developed in consultation with your discussion leader on a theme or idea that you found critical in the readings themselves. We want you to think over the course of the semester about these issues and then in the last few weeks of the semester come up with a theme or idea that you want to write about. G ENERAL P OLICIES 1. We will try to meet any extraordinary needs of any student. Such needs arise out of either preexisting or new conditions, which may include persona, social, physical, emotional or other impairments. Students must present an Accommodation Form . A copy of the Accommodation Form should be on file in the disability support service (DSS) Office, 0126 Shoemaker Bldg. (301) 314-7282,
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