TH1 - Organic Chemistry 237A Take Home Exam 1 Due at the...

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Organic Chemistry 237A Take Home Exam 1 Due at the start of class on Friday 10/24/2008 General Directions (read this page carefully) Submit your group answers via a standard (purple) Scantron bubble sheet ONLY ONE ANSWER SHEET PER GROUP Carefully bubble in the following fields on the front side of your group answer sheet o “NAME” Î bubble in the name of ONE PERSON in your group (doesn’t matter who) o “SECT.” Î bubble in the letter of the row where your group is registered to sit o “STUDENT NUMBER” Î bubble in the first seat number in your registered seat block (please enter seat “1” as “01”) ± For example: If your group registered for seats B1, B2 and B3….”SECT” = B and “STUDENT NUMBER” = 01 In the box labeled “EXAM TITLE” neatly write the names of all group members. If you think you found an error in a question, first check the Go Post, then email me. Take Home Exam Rules You may use any published resource. You may consult with the professor, TA’s assigned to this section , or any student in your group (as defined by your seat assignment choice on the Go Post). You may NOT consult with or receive aid from any other person (including other students outside your group, or TA’s from other sections). Suggestions This exam is similar to the midterm except that the midterm will a) cover the material we are doing next week, and b) have a written section in addition to multiple choice. Still, you can use this TH exam as a review for the first midterm exam. A good way to test your knowledge is to first take this TH exam without using your notes, books or group members. It is best to do this in an exam environment (turn off phone, time yourself, etc…). Mark the questions you are uncertain of, and study this material for the midterm. Even if you don’t treat the TH exam as a practice for the midterm, you should work
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TH1 - Organic Chemistry 237A Take Home Exam 1 Due at the...

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