The ten spies said that t

The ten spies said that t - me this forced me to be more...

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The ten spies said that they looked like grasshoppers compared to the people who lived there. I think they were scared and had low self esteem. They did not believe in themselves and their ability to be victorious against the inhabitants of the land. Just like the spies I often question my ability to do things. Two of my favorite activities are rock climbing and tennis. Even though I am very talented at both of them I have often doubted myself and have said I can’t do this. However my parents and coaches have always surrounded me with positive attitudes. This is one thing I have been working hard on and I want to be like Caleb and Joshua. For my mitzvah project I volunteered at an organization called Reach out and Read. I read to kids at the West Side Health Clinic. Most of these kids only spoke in Spanish. Since I have been speaking spanish for nine years I thought that this would be a good mitzvah project for me. It was also a good mitzvah project for me because I had to go up to kids and ask if they wanted to read with
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Unformatted text preview: me, this forced me to be more outgoing and not as shy. Every time we were there the kids and the parents asked if I was there every day it seemed that they really enjoyed me reading to them. Lots of the kids were disappointed when they left because they wanted to keep reading with me. On the tables during the luncheon are some of the books I read to the kids. These books will be donated to Reach out and Read. I would like to thank Rabbi Schadick for tutoring me. I would like to thank my family who came from far away places to celebrate this special day. Also a big thank you goes to my parents for making this day come true. Thanks Sydney and Jacob who supported me throughout my studies. Thank you Pam for singing so beautiful at my bat mitzvah. I would like to thank Bill Marfink who accompanied Pam on the piano. Finally, I would like thank all the people who participated in my service....
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