uponthe - belonging anyway. Line 37 and 38: My heart is...

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1 Dennen Rachel Dennen Mrs. Damuth Honors English 10- 3 rd Hour 24 September 2011 Anne Bradstreet- “Upon the Burning of our House” Translation Line 19 and 20: Even though he is lacking (something) what he does have for we few left. Line 21 and 22: When I pass by my burnt-down home, my sad eyes look towards it Line 23 and 24: I spot the places where I ate my meals and slept at night. Line 25 and 26: Over there were my derssers, and other there were my best clothes. Line 27 and 28: All of my belongings lie in ashes, and I don’t own them anymore because they are destroyed. Line 29 and 30: No one can come to my house and no one can eat at the table Line 31 and 32: We can’t tell stories anymore and the fire destroyed all of my past memories. Lines 33 and 34: No candle will be lit inside and the ringing of my husband’s voice will never be heard in my home again. Line 35 and 36: You will lie in silence forever. Goodbye! You were only a material
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Unformatted text preview: belonging anyway. Line 37 and 38: My heart is angry with you because you thought that wealth can be found on Earth? 2 Line 39 and 40: Are you sad because a pile of dust, the human flesh makes us trust ourselves too much. Line 41 and 42: Look at the bigger picture. In the sky in heaven Line 43 and 44: You will have a house made by God, the mighty architect. Line 45 and 46: My house will stand eternally in heaven by filling the house up with Gods glory. Line 47 and 48: God has already paid for the house. Line 49 and 50: It costs more than you would believe, but by believing in God it will be your own. Line 51 and 52: The fact that I am going to heaven in more than enough to live on- I dont need to worry about a house that burnt down on Earth. Goodbye riches! Line 53 and 54: I dont love you anymore, My hope and treasure awaits me in Heaven....
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uponthe - belonging anyway. Line 37 and 38: My heart is...

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