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Ba (9) - Historical US Employment by The Importance of the...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/7/2011 Historical US Employment by The Importance of the Service Sector . Economic Sector I: Service accounts for roughly 80% of the US. economy in both employment and gross domestic product. 5 Your parents faced a very different economic structure from today’s environment whit their first job. 9 Figure 1.1 depicts 1900 to 1950 as being the “industrial society" in which 1:: :Lfiflfliflfim, an important activity is goods WW... I WESIUE Walton-mt! 1m.HEUiEl-Tm' hflmWfl-fifi Haiti The 1‘35: *ufiafi-EIHJBE“ mud'nn mmfnfiflaiflfiwfimmfimfiflm'flfiJflu cfiabflfihfisfifim.fimefieiai I menu-apia F‘M'F—Ffi“ snap-F." met-r Chaptefl -Sewioeeinfl1aEmny The stage of economic growth between the years 1900 and 1950 YOU}: N31116:, Where YOU. RIC from and wooid best be descfibed as. . . your jUI. .. — a 1. Pre-industrial 25% 1. The most 2. Industrial important mentor 3. Postindustrial m your life 4. None of the above 2- When did YOU stop ' believing in Santa Clause and why? . _ _ The term “service producing” encompasses which of the The Importance of the Semce Sector following industries? 0 n Since 1950, the US. entered “postindustrial” era. From 1950 to the current time, service producing 1. _ Agriculture 2. ' industries increased, roughly, from 3- 4. 5. Mining 50% to 80% of the US. workforce. :1 Services such as health, education, and recreation predominate in the Windustrial society. :3 According to government statistics, in 1900" manual workers" outnumbered “white-collar workers" two to one. All of the above ...
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