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Ba (12) - erioel Ii fl Pu” Not Seasonally Adjusted...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/7/2011 erioel: ' Ii} fl Pu” Not Seasonally Adjusted Manufacturing Employment and ' ififlfiaaaéi’iiflfifgemem Lever-saweaauaraa , Type of data: Number in mouaanda EHMIHILIHIII figa' jfigggrsggggggr l i l l Detonation: Sawioe occupaiions {saga-4650) Employment (millions) FINN-h HIDE-15¢ . _ ,. 0 1950 193% 1990 2619 (est) . mm: El'ii'fl3 [l‘li'flii IJ‘iIElfi £31105 fiiifl? {HIDE [HIDE fl1i‘lfl Uiii‘i anion Pearson Educatitm, ' Figure 1.4 (B) _ Month nc. Wishing Ea; Prentice Hal Developments: 19905 . Global competition: - International trade agreements open new - If an external outsourcing markets for expansion & lower barriers to the entry of foreign competitors (e.g.: NAFI'A prowder can. perform aCthitles 1994, CAFrA 2004) more productively than the client - Creates the need for decisionwmaking tools firm, the outsourcing provider is for facility location compliance with local '- regulations, tailoriiig product offerings to a 900d ca "d'date to do the work local tastes, managing distribution networks, 1- Environmental issues: — Pressure from consumers 8i regulators to reduce, reuse 8: recycle solid wastes 3L mm, m Em" discharges to air 3:. water Iii-Puh'ihmiimti' Hall Value Chain Strategies ' Outsouging ( virtue! integration) is the opposite of The ".5. has experlenced 15" fee waves 0f w”: --.-. .- - .-.,..-.,.- «n.- .i W shedding (not acquiring) a part of its organization. I - The first were involved the exodus of goods- Ofi shgrmg is the burldlng, acqurring, or mowing of producing jobs (a lot 0f manual labor) process capabilities from a domestic location to another country location while maintaining ownership and _ _ _ m . The second wave involved Simple sol-Vice work (billing, data entry»:Ir call centers) A meat manufacturer is a firm that specializes in retain types 01‘ GOOdS-PFOCIUCWQ amva-‘Sr 5135“ 35 . The third, and current wave, involves skilled mired desi n, manufacturin , assembl , and . . . . padtaging, and Etorks under contgact for enii users. knfiwfidge work (engineering, dESlgl‘l, medical ana ysrs ...
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