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Ba (29) - Service Strategy — What do Peeple Want Sports...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/7/2011 Service Strategy — What do Peeple Want? ' Sports Bar — Grapevine Order qualifiers -- service must have to even be considered plus features customers would like to see Peppermill Resort Reno i flog, Order winners Surprises customer, customer doesn’t expect, and ultimately convinces customer to buy Service Strategy - Service Location Darden’s Using Weighted Population W“ Ciuster Home Population Cluster Weighted Weighting Population Score City Quadrant 1 5,000 133,500 City Quadrant 2- s7,000_1os,7{00 City Quadrant 3 200,000 125,000 Weights could be based on income per capita, education, age demographics, ethnicity, etc. Service Strategy — Facility Size or Capacity to Safetycapacfty: an ammnt of capacity reserved for unantidpated awaits such as demand surges, materials shorlagfi, and equipment breakdmvns. o Average Safety Capaa'ty % = 100% — Average Resource Lioiizafion % a Do service operations require a high safety capacity? Service Strategy -Service Delivery System Design (velce of tfie customerf o Facility location and layout :1 Service-scape I Ambient conditions I Spatial layout and functionality :- Signs, symbols, and artifacts :1 Process and job design o Technology and information support ? systems a Organizationai structure ...
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