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Ba (38) - °Tactical execution entails 1 Managing staffing...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/7/2011 °Tactical execution entails 1. Managing staffing levels Your name and major 1. At what age did you stop believing in the Easter Bunny? 2' At What age you QEt 2. Managing quality systems 3. Selecting sites for new locations 4. I II the abov- The Multi—Site Service Lifecycle Only a small percentage of firms .. ,_ of each stage. . ,. :1 Entrepreneurial stage; there business. . - n M ulti—site form the 0W.~ " The MultiI—Site Service Lifecycle a Growth stage: where the service concept is replicated over many o Maturity phase I 'xetends the brand, and is . a Decline ph . co pyi n I___ I” 1 and must rethink its service concept I regress to regeneration. tages of the mule—site service firm lifecycle include which of the following o Yew: Name, Where you are from and “your may or. 1* I1‘th could rid the world of one ' t“ i” 9" W h a t “’0 U “=3 _. -- - ' favorite WW; Success Failure 1. 2. 3. Im I lementation .. _ ._r :‘k— a- . I II“- I -I_- .l . ._- n...“ -. III-F- r- I .I”: 4'" _.-:___ - r'l'f' r I. -. a _ J .5143: -' ' I ...
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