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Ba (41) - 1 What percentage of retail dollars flow through...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/7/2011 1.- What percentage of retail dollars flow through Challenges of Franchising . o franchised units in the United States? . One-half n Operational control issues.“ Two—thirds 1. . . . . 2. u Franchisees may oppose; nges initiated at _ the firm level 3. One-third u Franchisers cannot !- ate retail prices or 4_ Three—quarters require that franc "J'res purchase supplies from the franchiw :i Franchisers i on-going value l: About one of retail dollars flow through fr chised units in the US. Your N 31116, Where you are £12031 and Of those listed, which is the strongest motivating your ma] or. _ J 0 factor for deciding to franchise? What do you miss 1. Ability to most about . . influence childhood? behavior financial urowth 3. - Desire to control service delivery 4. Ease of procedure and product modification Your name, where you are from and I isadvantages of franchlsmg include your maj of, f. __ ' WhiCh 0f the £01.10ng 0 - ° 1. What is one of 1. Higher risk for your most the franchiser embarrass” -- - . Limits income of moments? . successful 2. What was th _ ' car Y0” 3. Slower growth than through 5 financing ' 4. Shifts profits to nchiser ...
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