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Assessment week 4

Assessment week 4 - cooperator and not such a dominant...

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1. What did this exercise reveal about you? This self-assessment exercise revealed something about myself I did not expect. I always thought I was a competitor, however after finishing the self-assessment exercise it turns out I am a combination of individualist and cooperator. If you would have asked me what I would have been before this outcome I would have most certainly have said competitor. I still believe I fall more into that category, as individualist is described as “people who care almost exclusively about maximizing their own gain and don’t care whether others do better or worse than themselves.” I feel that I do care about how others are doing if they work hard for it. This is perhaps where cooperator comes in. 2. Were you surprised at what this exercise revealed, or was it something you already knew? I was somewhat surprised by the results of the self-assessment exercise, as they were unexpected. If I would have had to guess beyond competitor I would have said
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Unformatted text preview: cooperator, and not such a dominant individualist aspect. My scores were: competitor 3, individualist 6, cooperator 6, and equalizer 2. This self-assessment exercise was enlightening and makes me think about what I thought about myself. 3. Do you tend to maintain the same orientation most of the time, or are there occasions in which you change from one orientation to another? What do you think this means? There are occasions in which I do change from one to another; this depends highly on the situation. In a work related situation I am definitely more of a cooperator as you have to work as a team to be able to accomplish missions. In the sense of competition, such as Ironman I am certain to be an individualist, as this is a time where I am being personally tested. References: Greenberg, J. (2005). Managing behavior in organizations. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall....
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