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Cover Letter I chose the most common method, which is by using the PowerPoint to help me with my project. The reasons are quite simple. Electronics is one of my weaknesses; I am not good at these stuffs at all, even struggling with making the PowerPoint sometimes. Therefore, I didn’t consider other electronics methods. Also, I chose the PowerPoint, it is probably not the best way, but I think it is the most suitable method for me. Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of college students want to study accounting major and being an accountants in a big company after they graduate; therefore, there are plenty of universities have accounting course. However, thing are changing all the time. A huge number of accounting major students are having trouble that finding a job which exactly what they are dreaming of while they graduates from universities. Therefore, in order to achieve their dreams, the majorities of students prefer being a boss and start their own accounting firms. However, being an employee
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