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ESL 223 cheapter 8 - what they had learned and by practice...

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Zhao Zhe Aaron Ohlrogge EAP Reading 223 4/14/2011 According to Gladwell, the reason for Chinese students good at math is because of their culture and where they came from. I am not really agreed with this point. From my point of view, the history of how Chinese farmers grow there crops is not related to the how students doing math. The basic idea of Gladweill is that altitude made the Chinese students good at math, however, from my experience, I do not deny the fact that altitude dose a lot in study, but the main reason for this is that Chinese students practice a lot during their middle school and high school, even the primary school. The students in china did at least ten times more homework then the same level students in US, homework provide an opportunity for students to remember
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Unformatted text preview: what they had learned, and by practice times and times, the students will never forget those basic math concept. For example, the students in US use calculator frequently during the process of doing homework and taking the test. On the other hands, using calculator during the test is never being allowed, the result of this is whether how complicated the problem is, the students have to calculate results by their hands. After at least 6 years of calculates, every students are capable of doing math in their head. This ability allowed them accelerate the process of doing problems, I thinks that is why Chinese seem to be more familiar with math. In my words, the reason for Chinese students good at math is only because they did more homework....
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