Opinion paper 1 - Born Chinese therefore the large business...

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Opinion paper 1 Zhao zhe Econ 120 Section 20618 After read an article from The State News first page which named Cultured Commerce, it really made me think a lot. The whole article is about the international students keep growing in recent years, and it leads the local business begin to fulfill the demand of foreign students. There is more and more place which developed and managed by international students in lansing area, and it is a perfect example of a local crafted to meet a specific demand. One of the most important examples is a Chinese lounge which called Heart Beats. It is fully developed and operated by a group of Chinese undergraduate students, and the reason for them to build this place is the great population of Chinese students in lansing area. By the 2011, there are 3,012 Chinese students in Michigan State University, and this number does not include the “ABC” which means American
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Unformatted text preview: Born Chinese, therefore, the large business potential is obvious. From my own opinion, this great number of Chinese students does not seem to be a good thing for the students. As an international student, I don’t deny the fact that there are some students they earned business experience by developed their own business, but from my own perspective, those students who developed the Heart Beats are only looking for a place they can spend some time, and have some fun. I am not saying that this is a bad thing for students, but my point is that there is much better way for those students to earned business experience or have some fun. For example, a newspaper company and etc. As a result, The Heart Beats is perfect examples of the local business meet the demand of the local needs....
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Opinion paper 1 - Born Chinese therefore the large business...

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