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Turkey Purpose: Inform my Comm. 110 classmates about my country Turkey. I. Introduction a. I will show a video clip b. I will explain the video clip and how it relates to Turkey c. Today I will discuss the country of Turkey, its culture, and people. II. Body a. Turkey became a republic under the first president Ataturk and today it is a mesh between western and traditional Turkish culture. State and religion are separate in the Turkish government, although the major religion is Islam, the government does not impose an official religion. It is not currently at war with any country and ranks at 17 th on the largest GDP’s in world economy. Uses TL as the national currency, currently one dollar equals around one and seven TL’s. b. Turkey has a very colorful culture, one with folklore, traditional food and beverages, art native to the country. Some of the traditional Turkish foods and beverages are gyros, cay (Turkish black tea with a distinct recipe), although controversial, baklava.
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Unformatted text preview: Turkey has its own genre of music which is called “Turkish Art Music”. Violin, Zither, and Turkish reed are among the widely used instruments in Turkish Art Music. c. The people of Turkey are mostly noted for their hospitality, to other Turkish people and people from other countries. Around 33 million people visit Turkey every year. As for the attire, it is easy to differentiate between a villager and citizen living in a city. (I will show a picture) People talk Turkish, the native language of the country. School is highly difficult, hw is very less but studying for tests makes up for most of a students time during the day. III. Turkey has kept its traditional values but has moved on and modernized in some aspects to compete with the global world. Although I have been accustomed to the life in America, the thing I miss most about Turkey is the genuine smiles and warmth of Turkish people....
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