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Fallacies of All Kinds - • Making a claim based on...

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Slippery Slope : Did you know? Barack Obama’s dad was Muslim; the next thing you know, America’s governed under the sharia! When you exaggerate one cause so much to say it will have an enormous outcome but it actually is very out of scope. Post Hoc Fallacy : Premise 1: Whites get better healthcare. Premise 2: M.J. had some health issues. Conclusion: M.J. bleached his skin because he wanted better healthcare. Claiming that an effect was caused by something when they are not related.
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Hasty Generalization : All Muslims are Middle Eastern.
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Unformatted text preview: • Making a claim based on unreliable or very little evidence. Red Herring : Child: Mom, can I go play basketball outside with my friends? Mom: Those friends of yours all smell bad, they never wash! • Throwing in an irrelevant subject to ward off the current subject. Two Wrongs Make A Right : My cousin chases mice+ my fiancé chases mice (the robot one’s too) = it’s legal to chase mice • Just as the name implies, it is the common belief that two wrongs make something right. It’s ok to chase mice....
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