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Annotated Bibliography for Literary Analysis Lecky, William E. H. A History of Ireland in the Eighteenth Century . London: Longmans, Green and Co, 1892. Print. This book is very relevant to my topic and it addresses the topic in a couple of chapters. The source is somewhat dated but I do not think it matters too much because it is a history book and history does not change when years pass. Since this book is pretty old, at the end, it gives reference to many other books but it’s different from mla or apa. But the book is definitely not an opinion piece. The purpose of the source is to inform the audience because I have not detected any bias but I think the vocabulary and grammar is very high level so it is for serious study. As I skimmed the book, I found a section on Jonathan Swift which is going to be very helpful for my research. It talks about how Swift tried to convey to the public the things that were going on in 18 th century Ireland. There is also a section about the famine and poverty in Ireland and how the government has to do with
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