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1) What did Hammond think would be the results of his discovery? Who did he think would be affected and how? Hammond thought his discovery would advance research to a whole new level. It would be an adventure for tourists and scientists. Instead of just learning about it, people would have the opportunity to see the actual dinosaur with their own eyes. 2) What questions eventually arise when Hammond's guests speculate about the idea of this park (before they have experienced it, what hopes and/or concerns do they have)? The guests are very skeptical about the dinosaurs being re-created. They believe nature is all too powerful and that it cannot be contained. They say dinosaurs were extinct for a reason. Nature isn’t just some act where you can take God’s role as the creator. 3) What important values are at risk when scientists use biotechnology? The factors that are at risk are that what they do unnaturally probably will affect nature in a negative way. The techniques the scientists use to do an experiment may
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Unformatted text preview: collapse with the ethics and teachings of various religions or beliefs. 4) What do you think should be the process for bioethical decision-making? Who should be a part of that decision making and what steps should be taken? An extensive research should take place. The cons of the decision should be clearly set out so the scientists can also find a way to attack the problems that come underway. Anything that affects humanity very negatively should be avoided. But in this is case, I agree with Brian that it was really that one guy’s fault that the dinosaurs escaped. But again, who’s to say the Tyrannosaurus Rex cannot withstand the 10, 000 volts of electricity? That is the one really lame thing in the movie, because, apparently, some 12 year old child can come back to life after being electrocuted with that voltage. The death penalty in the electric chair is around 2,500 volts, I think....
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