Obama health care reform - shouldn’t leave sick people...

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President Barack Obama made a landmark achievement when he signed the new health care reform bill into law. Republicans are being traditionalists by not wanting the change. The new health care system in America will heal the economy because health care was one of the biggest issues for the economy and now we a plan that will decrease the national deficit by a trillion in the next decade. The new law placed regulations on health insurance providers so that they cannot deny coverage based on preexisting conditions. In 2014, everybody is required to purchase health insurance if they are able to afford it. Critics have called Obama a socialist. But, in fact, he made a wise and fair decision knowing the health care cost has hit the sky because some 45 million Americans aren’t insured. If they were insured, which about 30 million of them are expected to do so, the costs would decrease and make health care available to everyone. I think, just because your young and healthy, you
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Unformatted text preview: shouldn’t leave sick people unable to pay for their treatment. Everybody should be part of the game, that’s what the former presidents and Obama wanted to accomplish, National Health Insurance. The reform refers to the pay or play system. If you are a large company, which is described as having at least fifty full-time workers, then you need to offer coverage to your employees. If you don’t, you need to pay a penalty of $167 for each employee every month. Obama has said that he is more concerned with preventing illness than curing it. In his new law, your health savings account can pay 100% of all the preventive services you need without any deductibles or copayments. I think this is a great idea because people will be interested in staying healthy. HSA will expand to cover same-gender partners and that is logical because they need the same care as different-gender partners....
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Obama health care reform - shouldn’t leave sick people...

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