short story - packed inside If he does not roar then he...

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People running around like crazy, running from one camera to another. Interviewer checking his notes. Intern asking for something to do because he cannot find something to do on his own. Boss straining his voice from yelling at everyone. The air is so humid; the clinical strength deodorant isn’t stopping the yellow sweat from staining everyone’s shirts, young or old, tall or short, ugly and pretty. The ugly drama is masked by the exciting sound of music coming from around the whole room. The cameras are placed so well you can’t see the black and grey matter around the designed room. The interviewer talks in a very confident manner, his lips and shoulders designed in an upright manner. His eyes are always lost in his gaze and in the ratio of their size compared to his face. If he ever parts his lips, he’ll ask an intimidating question, usually open ended, because that’s what he’s told to do. If he ever parts his lips, he will roar with all the drama
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Unformatted text preview: packed inside. If he does not roar, then he will chuckle intellectually so the audience is able to notice the inherent civility in him. His chin is not proportionate if you compare it to the average. The audience is always staring at his chin; it is the center of attention on his face. He parts his upright lips again, asks an open ended question, “What do you think of people”? The audience is going to consume the figure if she doesn’t speak, or they will consume her words. They would leap on her if they weren’t behind rails. Then they’ll barf up the words like parrots would, but in a civilized manner. They will figuratively digest her words at a mall, or a café, or down a crowded street. The figure has thought of the question all of her life but she is still carefully designing the words that will go together....
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