shorter classes - Shorter Classes are Effective and...

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Unformatted text preview: Shorter Classes are Effective and Productive Entering a high school class in Robinson Secondary School, students have their heads on the desk, some are doodling in their notebooks, and some are texting under the table while the teacher insists that learning this material is very important for the test. Nobody seems to be concerned; after all, the class will be over in fifteen minutes. The extra time in class is only taking away energy from the teacher and doing nothing to gnaw more information into the juiced brains of high school students. These students have been in class for an hour and fifteen minutes. Longer periods of class time do not improve learning but, cuts other elective classes that could improve student education. The children of this century already have shorter attention spans because of television and video games. While watching television, people unconsciously get used to seeing a show for 10 minutes and waiting for the commercials which usually take at least five minutes to watch the...
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shorter classes - Shorter Classes are Effective and...

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