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CH232_1995SPRING_EXAM1__[0] - v J 5-Suggest a reasonable...

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CH232B Organic Chemistry Second Examination May 1 995 1. Provide a structure for each of the following: ,v (a) neopentylamine (b) N-ethyl-1butanamine (c) 2-ethyl-1-butanamine (c) Dibenzylamine (d) tetraethylammonium hydroxide (e) N-allylcyclohexylamine 2.Identify the principal organic product for the following reactions : H 2 ,Ni Cyclohexanone + Cyclohexylamine 3. Write a structure for compound A . heat Compound A (C 9 H 4 O 5 ) + H 2 O \ 4. Using toluene as the ultimate source of all the carbon atoms , along with an 4 necessary inorganic reagents , show how you could prepare the following : (a) benzoyi chloride (b) benzole anhydride (c) benzyl cyanide (d) aniline v J 5-Suggest a reasonable explanation
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Unformatted text preview: v J 5-Suggest a reasonable explanation for the following observation . The second-order constant (k) for the saponification of trifluoroacetate is over 1 million times as great as that for ethylacetate at 25 degrees C . 6. What is the principal organic product in each of the following reactions : (a) I. KMnO 4 , H 2 O,hcat 2.H+ (b) CH ii o l.Ag 2 0, NaOH,H 2 i_H-. n 7.On standing in 17 O-labeled water, both formaldehyde and its hyrate are found to incorporate the 17 O isotope of oxygen . Write a mechanism consistent with the facts....
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