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CH2324Organic Chemistry Second Exam ina t ion May 1995 "D 1. Give structures of compounds G-J : acetylene + CH 3 MgBr ^ G + CO 2 » - H , H 2 0,H 2 S0 4 ,HgS0 4 J + KMNO 4 ^ G +CH (C 3 H : Q,) J (C 3 H 4 p3) CH 2 (COOH) 2 2. W r i te equations to show the conversion of benzoic acid into : (a) benzoyl chloride (b) benzamide ( c) Benzyl alcohol (d) m-bromophenylbenzoate 3.Give structures for the following : (a) isovaleric acid (b) adipic acid (c) terephthaiic acid (d) phthalic ac id (e) magnesium 2-chloropropanoate 4. Write a balanced equation for the reaction (if any ) of benzaldehyde with : (a) cone. NaOH (b) formaldehyde , with cone. NaOH
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Unformatted text preview: neutralization equivalent of 131 +/- 2 . When sample (Z) was treated with aqueous NaOH a liqiud separated ; it contained nitrogen but no chlorine . Further treatment of the liquid with nitrous acid followed by hypophosphorous acid gave benzene . Write a structure for (Z), and write equations for all the reactions . 7. Compound (A) C 10 H5 is easily oxidized in the presence of ozone and then followed by water to compound (B) CgHgC^ . When compound (A) is treated with hydrogen in the presence of Ni (heat + mild pressurre ) compound (c) C-|QH-|4 results. If com-pound (c) is treated with acidic permanganate solution , compound (B) results . Compound (B) has a neutralization equivalent of 83 . When (B) is treated with Ferric bromide and Br 2 only one monobrominated derivative is possible . Write structures for A,B. andC....
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