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CH232 Organic Chemistry A p r i l 1996 Second Examination 1'. Give the structure of the expected organic product in the reaction of S^henylpro- ganaLwith each of the following : (a) Chlorine in acetic acid (acetic acid is the solvent) (b) sodium hydroxide in ethanol, 10 degrees C (c) sodium hydroxide in ethanol. 70 degrees C (d) product of part (c) with lithium aluminum hdride ; then water 2. Suggest a one step synthesis for 2-hdroxymethyl-3-methylbutanal o (CH 3 ) 2 CHpHtH
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Unformatted text preview: CHaOH S.Terreic acid is a naturally occurring antibiotic substance . Its actual structure is an enol isomer of the structure shown Write the two most stable enol forms od terreic acid and choose which of those two is more stable . 4.Starting with 3,3-dimethyl-2-butanone synthesize the epoxide shown : O. H 5 Show how you prepare the following compound from cyclopentanone ,and any other organic or inorganic reagents you may need :...
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