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CH232_1997SPRING_EXAM3__[0] - 5 Identify each of the...

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CH232 Organic Chemistry May 1997 Third Examination LGive an IUPAC name for each of the following: (a) CH3(CH 2 ) 6 CO 2 H (b) CH3(CH 2 ) 5 C0 2 -K + (c) C 6 H 5 -CH 2 NHCH 3 (d) H0 2 C(CH 2 ) 6 CO 2 H 2.Rank the compounds in each of the following groups in order of decreasing acidity : (a) Acetic acid , ethane , ethanol (b) Benzene , benzoic acid , benzyl alcohol (c) Cyclopentane carboxylic acid ,2,4-pentanedione . cyclopentanone 3 Write a structural formula for each of the following : (a) m-chlorobenzoyl bromide (b) trifluoroacetic anhydride (c) cis-1,2-cyclopropane dicarboxylic anhydide (d) alpha-phenylethyl acetate (e) N-ethylbenzamide 4.Using toluene as the source of all carbon atoms, along with any necessary reagents, prepare the following: (a) benzoyl chloride (b) benzamide (c) aniline
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Identify each of the following principal organic products in.each reaction: M 2 in (a) 1,2-dicthyI-4-nitrobcn/.cnc (b) !,3-dimcihyl-2-nilrobcn/,cnc (c) aniline + hcpiana l cihanol . SnO! 2 ,HCI 2. H 2 0/OH" e.Methamphetamine is a notorious street drug . One synthesis involves reductive amination of benzylmethyl ketone with methyl amine. Write the structure of methamphetamine . 7, When i s heated, it leads to the formation of compound (A) and a CH 2-C-CH 2 CO 2 H O (B). Compound (A) is inorganic . Write structures for (A) and (B). Extra Credit questions I...
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