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ECE111_2006SPRING_EXAM - The Cooper Union Department of...

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The Cooper Union Department of Electrical Engineering ECEl11 Signal Processing & Systems Analysis Exam I tr4arch B, 2006 Time: 60 min. Closed book, closed notes. No calculators. Note: cosAcosB: j cos (,1+ B) + j cos (,4 - B). 1. [8 pts.] The impedance of a circuit at IjOMHZ is Z :5 + jl2e. ln this problem, given the appropriate units with a.ll answers. (a) Determine the resistance, rcactance, admittance, conductance, susceptance. Also provide the standard letter (e.g., Z for impedance) used for all of these quantities. (b) Is the inpedance equivalent to a resistor in series with a.n inductor or capacitor? (c) Find ihe value ofthe inductance or capacitance- leave the answer as an explicit ^ numeticalexpression (i.e., ready to be plugged i11to a ca]culator, no synbols). a\ VJ t4 pt".] The waveforms h 1tl and r (i) a.re shown in Fi ure 2, Let a : ltxx. Compute - v (2) ONLY (do not compute I (t) for all timel!) using a ,,flip und siicle,, method-draw ajt appropriate sketch. You must show wotk, and will get no credit ifyou useany other method. 3. [8 pts.] The discrete-time signals fi., u are given by: r : {-2,3, !, 5, 0, 2} ,1 : {4,2. 1.2, 1} As usual, the undelscore denotes n:0. Let!:lt*t.
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