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Department of Electrical Engineering ECEff4 Digital Signal Pror:essing Exam I October 28, 2005' Time: 90 min. Closed book, closed notes. No calculators. l. 16 pts.] A thre+port network with impedance matrix Z is terminated at port 3 with a.n impedance 27. The impedance matrix of the r,duced tweport is Z'. Find Zl, (only!) in terms of. {Z;i}r.o_l.s md Zr". The ercpression must be explicit, but does not have to be simpliffed, 2. [S pts.] The phasor form of the admittance matrix of a two*port is: Is the network reciprocal? The arnwer rs: yes, no or not enaugh, information to deter- mine. Juslify briefly; no lcngthy explanation or definitions necessary. 3. [6 pts.] Find 212(s) anty for the circuit shown in ]'igure P4. The arlswer mrrst be explicit (e.g., do nob write l?r Il n, for resistors in parallel, instearl writing out the forrnula explicitly), but otherwise does not have to be sirnplified, . [ pts.] Specify t,he Z;i or Yi parameter, I 1 i, j '{ 2,, for a twcrport network that would normall,y be irleutified by cach of the followin6l {a) driving-poinf output adurittance. (b) forward transfer impedance, 'B- [3 pts.] a digitat system with transfer fu.nction ff (a) having sirnple poles only. Reference the method of resiclues to explain why, as you compute a, term of the form Kc" in the methocl (" # 0) you will not get "l( : 0 "by
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ECE114_2005FALL_EXAM1__[0] - The Cooper Union Department of...

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