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Electrical & Computer Eugineering Department The Cooper Union ECE 13IA Solid-Slate Materials & Devices Exam 2} Spring 2008 If any ofthese parameters are not specified in the problem statemenLS. you may assume rhar silicon (Si) at T ~ 300K has n, - IO''/cm'. E G - 1.J2eV. kT ~ 0.025geV; q ~ 1.6(10'/9) coulomb. K. ~ 11.8 and E. - 8.85(10''') Flcm. 1. Given an n-type gallium aISenide (GaAs) semiconductor at room temperature with doping concentration N D - 5(10")/cm'. Theu, using Eo = 1.42eV and ll; ~ 1.8(10')/cm' for GaAs at T=300K, a) determine (F N - .6,,) if the excess carrier concentration is O.IN o h) determine, under the condition of part (a), IE; - I'p) c) give a sketch of the energy band diagram for the given GaAs semiconductor. (20%) 2. A Si p-n step junction maintained at room temperature wtder equilibrium conditions has a p-side doping of N A = 5( J(j5J1cm l and an n-side doping of No = UP fern), Detennine a) V hi b) X n , xI' and W. c) The electric field E at x=O. d) The electrostatic potential V at x=O.
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ECE131_2008SPRING_EXAM2__[0] - Electrical & Computer...

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