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Test 2, ECE 135, Winter 2010 L" ,o l'.'i 1. A rectangular loop of width w and #idth ft is situated near a very long wire caryrng i current ir os in Fig. ta. Assume ir to be a rectangular pulse as shown in Fig. lb. a. Find the induced cunent lz in the rectangular loop whose seH-inductance is . L,if T >> LIR, b. Find the energy dissipated in the rasistance Rit T >> Ll R. 2. An air-filled axb(b<a.<%)rectangular waveguide is to be operated at 3 GHz in the dominant mode. We desire the dominant frequency to be at leaLst ZAVo higher than the cutoff ftequency of the dominant mode and at least20%o below the cutoff frequency of the next higher mode. Give a typical design for the dimensions a and b" 3. Use the Smith Chart to find the input impedance of a 50O lossless transmission line that is 0.2 wavelength long and is terminated in: a) short-circuit, b) open- circuit, p) 50Cf
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Unformatted text preview: uraterial. There is air betrveen the parallel plates. The pmpagation is in the e-direction, in which the ffansmission line is infinite in length. The width of the plates is w and the distance between the plates is d. It can be assumed that w>>d. .Find ttre capacitance and inductance per unit length of the tmnsmission line. Derive the [I] matrix for the two-port nenvolk shown in Fig. 2. The elements of the [I] mafix should be given in terms of Yo and Yt. Now assuming that Yt* j and yB=1*,1, calculate the elements of the lZlmanx and ttre [S] matrix. Yo=J /a' I'J- l \-v-l - [zJ Zr, JO-r; L ; o , 2 ) a) Vt A \) .(' o c) t? - 5a/L /'/' . , . - . ^ - - . , . , . . . , . . - . t / !:: _ .i 4. ). LzJ .tLuJ-r.-rj '[r u1- tstJ 1-s1 '[gzi,r,4 'LI r ] " {.u:-} ,-/ F 1 r l , j r T " i l L 1 , I . r + + * i i t l I l!i I ,r, l-.-- -.-'-*-_, r l t t l l '*,--*!-_--r l t rhi {- llri:.r'4 l I f rlu:g Z...
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ECE135_2010FALL_EXAM2__[0] - uraterial There is air...

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